We envision to deliver a cleaner and more affordable energy at your doorsteps through solar rooftops. Because reducing the carbon emission all over the world is our ultimate aim. Welcome to our Green Family!

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More savings on your energy bills

Our solar rooftop systems help you save money and therefore protect you against rising utility bills. On an average, Lume Solar customers achieve payback on their system within just 3 and a half years. And they certainly continue to save money for more than 25+ years of lifespan. However, your 25 years savings also depend on where you live and some other factors such as Electricity Rates, Government Subsidy & Sunlight Availability. Different states have different solar subsidy schemes, through which the consumers benefit.


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We make it easy for you! Write to us or call us today to schedule a free solar consultation for your industry/home. Lume’s specialists will visit and take care of the rest of the tasks, by selecting the best suited solar solution. As per the measurements and your energy needs.


Our solar panel installations are very easy and effortless. We work on the designs and our certified energy partner gets the solar system installed on your rooftop. Certainly ensuring that the system meets the standards and stays on your rooftop for the entire span.


Finally after the installation, we make sure the system starts at the desired time and date. Because, saving your money is important to us. Above all we ensure that it produces clean energy from your rooftop and reduces the carbon emissions. Most importantly, your contribution to the world can make the surrounding environment clean and healthy for existence.

Our Services

solar_panel Lume

Solar Rooftop Solutions

Today, solar rooftop is the need of the hour. Every business, company and organization whether big or small needs an uninterrupted power supply. So, Lume caters to all Industrial, Commercial and Residential clients. Hence provides net metering and off-grid system for its clients.

solar power plant

Solar Power Plant

Utilizing the renewable sources of energy is the smart way of cutting cost. And at the same time it increases the efficiency. Replace your usual power supply with a Solar Power Plant to consequently give a better future for the next generation.

Solar Petrol Pump Lume

Solarization of Petrol Pumps

Petrol Pumps powered by solar energy have become one advancement in the industry. For Solarization of Petrol Pumps, we suggest for setting up solar rooftops, which notably decreases your electricity bills and furthermore helps to get rid of expensive diesel generates.

Solar Street Lights Lume

Solar Powered Street Lights

Street lights are intended to work throughout the night. So, we at Lume solar provide the most effective and efficient results with street lights powered by solar energy. Which charges itself through out the day and provides free light source in the night.

Water Drop

Solar Water Pump

A cost-effective alternative to the general water pumps are the solar water pumps. Above all, the general water pumps run on electricity or diesel which produce high emission of pollutants. This ultimately degrades the environment. Solar water pumps are powered by solar energy and certainly saves the environment from harmful pollutants.

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Consulting For Solar Solutions

Are you brain-storming about solar solutions and still not reaching a feasible way out? Share us your idea and Lume would be your one-stop solution for all the queries. Furthermore we will constantly help you on making it more and more better.

Our Clientele

We enjoy sharing the projects and posts we make just as much as we enjoy creating them. Sit back and take a moment to browse through some of our recently completed work.

Westren Suitings

Western Suitings Limited

Western Suitings Limited Solarization

Tata Motors

Tata Motors

Tata Motors Solarization

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Force Motors

Force Motors Solarization

Achint Chemicals (1)

Achint Chemicals

Achint Chemicals Solarization

Client Testimonials

Hero Moto CorpExcellent After Sales Service

“The service provided by Lume Solar has been excellent throughout the project.”

Aashirwaad AataVery Experienced Team

“"Working with Lume Solar on our 100 KWP Solar project was a great success"”

IOCLEfficient And Cost Saving Solution

“The installation process was brilliantly done by their team. We’ve been impressed with Lume Solar’s performance throughout.”

Force MotorsVery Professional and Experienced Team

“Disruption was minimal and the team genuinely showed an understanding of the needs of the business”

Pipara & CompanyNot the Cheapest, But the Best!

“I was spending serious money, so I had to find someone I can trust. I truly believe that one day hopefully this will be my pension.”

Quickdeal PropertiesWe love the Negative Electricity Bill!

“They delivered what they promised! Very Happy, and would definitely recommend.”

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