Solar Powered Corporate Houses

Solar Rooftop for Corporate Houses

Low Cost

Easily reduce expenditure on huge energy bills.

Social Responsibility

Clean energy is the future of the nation.


Lume recommends net metering to maintain reciprocity of energy.

Almost 0%

A system with more than 25 years life and almost zero maintenance.

Solar Rooftop For Corporate House / Offices

Installing solar panels at corporate houses gives energy security & cost-effectiveness.

It is a reliable & low maintenance solution.

The configurations are flexible & sustainable.

Perfect Parking

Solar Rooftop for Parking Lots


Efficient Space Utilization


Save More Money - Make More Money

Green Future

Help reduce global carbon footprint

Long Term

More than 25 years of life and almost 0 maintenance

Solar Rooftop for Parking

Parking takes up a lot of space, tends to be open to the sky, and are literally everywhere. It’s no wonder that, installing solar panel carports and canopies will make constructive use of space, will provide shade & comfort, assured savings and options for future customization.

wareouse image
A Green Warehouse

Solar Rooftop for Warehouse

Own Roof

Own Your Electricity Too

All Up

On Fine Sunny Days

Green Future

We Produce It For You & Its Clear

Long Term

Longer Than Your Needs & Demands

Solar Rooftop For Warehouses

Warehouses have large areas of underutilized rooftop space and feature heavy machinery installations. Warehouses are mostly at grid-scare locations, thus depends heavily on diesel power. Thus Solar Rooftop at your warehouse is both hand win situation.

24x7 POwer Backup

Solar Plus Storage Systems


Existing roof space, lot new consumption patterns.


Battery Storage is worthwhile and offers the best returns.

Green Future

Batteries can be recharged and reused numerous times, they contribute less waste to landfills.

Long Term

Useful lifespan is between 5 and 15 years.

Solar Plus Storage

Solar and storage create business opportunities for each other. As solar penetration increases, states and solar companies are turning to storage. Energy storage can smooth electricity prices through arbitrage, manage evening energy ramps, mitigate the risk of curtailment, provide black start capability, provide backup power and more.