Solar Rooftop For MEDA

MEDA subsidy for solar rooftop
(MEDA) Maharashtra Energy Development Agency
We are MEDA approved vendor for solar rooftop subsidy.
Reduce your energy bills up to 100% with Lume Solar - Rooftop Solutions
Get FREE electricity for more than 20 years at half the price!
Years Life
Return on Investment
Solar Rooftop for MEDA

Benefits of Solar Panels with Lume Solar under MEDA scheme

  • Lume solar helps providing solar subsidy up to 100% under the MEDA solar rooftop subsidy scheme.
  • Get return on your investments in almost 3 years.
  • Very simple and cost-effective solar rooftop setup.
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Because of on grid technology, it helps in reducing your electricity bills up to 100% .
  • The solar rooftop system has almost zero maintenance.
  • Most importantly contributes towards a greener earth.
  • Get more than 25 years of hassle-free energy source.

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Importance Of Solar Panels In NGO’s / NPO’s

We aspire to serve the needs of the society that conventional business can’t. Hence, we give lights to the people that need them the most. And if they are unable to afford them, then we think of new & innovative ways to help them to finally get on the energy ladder. NGO’s/NPO’s can also avail subsidy under MEDA solar rooftop scheme.

Solar Rooftop For Colleges, Schools & Hospitals

Colleges, Schools & Hospitals remains entirely dependent upon electric power. So, they cannot afford to be offline. Their requirements can be from simple life-monitoring systems to huge computer labs. Therefore, everything requires a constant stream of substantial electricity which leads to a very high electricity bill. By setting up solar rooftops these bills can be reduced significantly. Thus, Lume Solar promises assured power to these sectors under the MEDA Solar rooftop Subsidy Scheme.