Solar Rooftop

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Years Life
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Industrial Solar Rooftop

Benefits of Solar Panels in Industries

  • Industrial Solar Rooftop systems have more than 25 years of life.
  • The return on investments comes within 3 years.
  • The system is very simple and a cost-effective concept.
  • Quick and easy installation of solar rooftop.
  • Because of high quality panels,¬†we help to reduce your electricity bills up to 70%.
  • Solar Rooftops have consequently zero maintenance.
  • Most importantly contributes towards a greener earth.
  • No more diesel storage required, so you can save more.

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Importance Of Solar Panels In Industries

Today, Industries require a constant accessibility to power and have high dependability from the various power systems. There is no doubt that the sun shines brightly on the Indian subcontinent. And because of that we can make very good use of it. Industrial Solar Rooftop will enable us to generate a huge amount of energy and therefore can power various appliances in industries. Lume solar provides the best industrial solar rooftop solutions across India. Our experience is very vast in providing industrial solar rooftop systems. Contact us now for more details.

Solar Rooftop For Industries

India is rich in solar energy. And, this is most beneficial for the industries who have industrial solar rooftop systems. Indian Industries have various heavy needs such as boilers, steam generation units and furnaces which require heated water inlets. Industrial solar rooftop systems, if deployed can offer a constant supply of hot water and that too at almost zero cost. Because the power source of this system comes for free.