What are the benefits of solar rooftop ?

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  • Abundant Source: Solar Rooftop uses solar radiation energy as input, which is a renewable energy source. Solar radiation energy is available in huge quantity as it is abundant. We will not run in the shortage of solar radiation energy in future. On the other hand, the world is already facing the shortage of fossil fuels based energy sources.
  • Environmentally benign: The conversion of solar radiation energy into electrical energy does not emit any polluting products and, therefore, it does not cause damage to the environment like the smoke from use of diesel, petrol and coal does.
  • Decentralized electricity generation: Since solar radiation energy is available everywhere, the solar PV electricity can be generated everywhere in decentralized manner in small quantities as per the need, unlike the coal base power plant where electricity can be generated only in centralized manner in large quantities. Decentralized electricity generation results in less losses occurring due to transmission of electricity. In the case of solar PV technology, one can have a small solar lantern, a solar PV system for lighting house, a solar PV system for running water pump, or a solar PV system for lighting whole village or even a industry.
  • Modular Implementation: Implementation of solar PV technology can be modular. Size of a solar rooftop system for electricity generation can be increased as per the increase in need of electricity. In the case of a diesel generator or a coal based power plant, size once fixed cannot be changed. If we need to increase electricity, we need to buy another diesel generator or set up another coal based power plant.

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