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Sunrise Of New Hope

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A Visionary With A Vision For A Greener world!

Ankit Jain

Going back to our roots, even the most sacred Rigvedic mantra Gayatri Mantra is dedicated to the ultimate source of energy – the sun. Indeed, we are yet to realize its full potential. However, Ankit Jain, a renewable energy enthusiast, took a step forward in this direction by giving wings to his dream project – Lume Solar Energy.

The Inspiration

Prime Minister Narendra Modi noted in one of the solar alliances “Let us turn to the Sun to power our future” a short yet a significant statement. An inspiration drawn from the PM’s vision and driven by his passion to create sufficient clean energy gave rise to Ankit’s dream project.

Lume means “Light of Life” in Latin and hence the name was perfectly aligned with Ankit’s long term vision. Talking about this light of life, Ankit says “Geological location of our country is blessed with a lot of solar energy. If we put serious efforts in the right direction, we can generate abundant energy at an affordable cost. Not just to help our country go green but also to light the remotest of homes.”

Journey So Far

Lume Solar Energy was like a new sunrise for this MBA graduate from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) and Mechanical Engineer from JECRC. He says, “Leaving a lucrative job in a big gun corporate for something I didn’t have prior experience, it was a big challenge. Moreover, I decided to avoid raising venture capital and instead, bootstrapped the company with my savings. I strongly believe this decision has helped us in focusing on our core product and solutions.

Talking about the birth of this dream project, he says, “I always had this at the back of my mind that I wanted to start something that could contribute in making this planet a better place to live in. Hence, after leaving my job, I indulged myself in traveling across India for 3 months to analyze the current scenario of energy consumption, its effects on climate and the alternative energy sources that held strong potential. I reached a conclusion from my on-field experience that solar will be the need of the future.”

The next decision was of the right sector to tap into and thus, again with strong market research, Ankit decided to start with a niche segment like petrol pumps. He states one of his findings, “One petrol pump outlet switching to solar power would free up enough electricity to power 60 households in rural areas. It would also be a benefit for the operator who can save over 70% on electricity and diesel genset bills.” Moving beyond the urban areas, Ankit along with his dedication and expertise team is tapping the petrol pumps located in remotest of areas to switch from the traditional means of power to more reliable and much more cost-effective means of natural energy.

Within just one year of its operations, Lume Solar has become the first company in Rajasthan to install a net metering system. Talking about their way of working, Ankit says, “We strictly operate as a client-centric company. We connect with the clients looking for solar solutions and then suggest suitable models according to their requirements.” The key services of the company include solar rooftop systems, solar home lighting systems, solar street lights, solar power projects, and many others.

Recalling the journey till now, Ankit laughs and mentions an incident when he had been so obsessed with the subject of the sun that he arranged for an early morning meeting just to make his team members watch the sunrise and appreciate the powers of it.


The Way Ahead

Having associated with big brands like Hero MotoCorp, Tata Motors, Indian Oil Corporation, and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation, Ankit notes “We are driven by the vision of greener India and every solution we have created or will create in future will be contributing to this vision”. He adds, “The journey till now had been full of challenges but with every new challenge, they learned something new that was like a stepping stone to reach newer heights.”

At this hour when the usage of electricity powered by coal or natural gas is at an all-time high, an eco-friendly initiative like this is all that the world needs. Ankit and his team meticulously work not just to create world-class solar solutions but also to make the people aware of the powers that lie in switching to solar.

The future of solar energy is indeed bright, and so is Ankit’s vision of a greener India.


Ankit Jain

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