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Solar Power Reshaping The Petrol Pump Energy Usage In India

By February 23, 2019 No Comments

Petrol Pumps Powered By
Solar Rooftop

As on December 31st, 2016, India’s solar power generation capacity stood at over 9 GW with Tamil Nadu having the largest output capability. Followed by Rajasthan & Gujarat. These stats aptly prove the opportunity of utilizing solar energy in various sectors and petrol pumps is definitely one such energy sector.

Petrol pumps need a substantial amount of electricity daily and with more than 50,000 petrol pumps fuelling our country, solarisation of petrol pumps is essential as well as beneficial. Many oil marketing companies have come forward to initiate this green step. One such company is Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL) one of the biggest oil marketing companies has set a target of solarising its 10,000 petrol pumps units over a period of 2-3 years. With this step, many more companies will join the bandwagon to switch to solar power solutions for their fuel units.

As cited by one of the ET article “Depending upon the size of the petrol pump, a 24-kilowatt photovoltaic system on the rooftop can bring down costs by more than Rs 7 lakh a year.” Among the many solar solutions available for petrol pumps, the best solution to go for depends upon the location and size of petrol pump units. Lume Solar, with its expertise in solarisation of petrol pumps, has customized solar power solutions suiting the requirements and needs of the fuel unit.

In India, petrol pumps located in remote areas suffer major loss due to irregular power supply which results in loss of fuel, time and money. Many rely on diesel generators which are expensive and do not provide instant back-up. A 10kva generator may take 1.5 liters of petrol per hour. Off Grid Solar Solutions by Lume Solar are best suited for such petrol pumps because this lets the units store solar energy in batteries for later use.

For the petrol pumps located in proximity to a city, On Grid Solar Solutions with Net Metering facility by Lume Solar is the best option. Through this, the surplus solar electricity generated can be fed back into the grid resulting in savings in your monthly electricity bills. Laxminarayan Petrol Pump located in Changodhar, Gujarat has not only opted for solarisation of its petrol pump unit, but also has become the very first petrol pump to install net metering in RO. This entire project was headed by Lume Solar.

Hybrid Systems combines the benefits of both the above systems with the convenience of a grid-connected system and battery backup.

Financing Options

Lume Solar has undertaken various such petrol pump solarisation projects successfully with an aim to provide a continuous supply of electricity in a cost-effective manner.

One petrol pump switching to solar power would free up enough electricity to power 60 households in rural areas. So, are you ready to go solar and shine brightly?

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